"The only trusted synthetic Thatch"

With our long-standing history in the market, Fiber roofing has become one of the most respected thatch roofing suppliers in the world; focused on ensuring the right solution for our clients and distributors.
Over the past 42 years, Fiber roofing cc has endeavoured to answer the needs of the industry and has gone from strength to strength.

In 2015 our chairman, Jan Grobler, visited 12 Maldivian resorts on a fact-finding mission to determine why Fiber Roofing has never had any success. He has found that the Maldivian market has its own challenges:

-Price are very important because investors need a return within 5 years.
-Maldives’ roofs are constructed totally different from most thatch roofs globally.
-The Maldivians wanted the synthetic thatch to match their natural Cajun thatch 100%.

Beauty of Thatch

Polyolefin Fiber Thatch is manufactured in tile format

Material Is Important

Polypropylene that we extrude to manufacture FiberReed and FiberPalm is fully recyclable

Synthetic Thatch

All our synthetic thatch are designed to simulate natural thatch yet will resist humidity and decay

Excellent Customer service

Fiber Roofing takes pride in their customers and makes sure that we we create a bond with them


Our product last up to 20 Years, that is 100 times better than any other synthetic thatch on the market


Our experienced installation team can install your new roof in any part of the world (we’ve installed roofs at some of the most exclusive resorts and park attractions in the world)

About the Fiber Maldives

Our working directors / shareholders have a combined knowledge and expertise in the thatching manufacturing field comprising 150 years. The property and factories from which the business operates is owned by Fiber Roofing cc. The permanent staff  consists of 89 employees which consist of: Directors, project engineers, technicians, buyers, general office staff, carpenters, welders, fitters, drivers, etc…

Fiber Roofing also has 80 global agents representing our company and selling our products.

Fiber Roofing cc has supplied material and completed roofing projects on an estimated 200 resorts globally; more than any two of our opposition manufacturers can claim.

Benefits of Our thatch

  • Our Synthetic Thatch is Guaranteedfor 20 Year
  • Will last up to 50 years!
  • Our synthetic thatch does not rot or decay
  • No toxic mould (prevents health hazards)
  • Birds, rodents and bugs can’t eat it (no disgusting infestations!)
  • No maintenance costs!
  • Not susceptible to sun damage (does not fade in color!)
  • Fiber Thatch is a technology designed specifically for all climates
  • Not susceptible to sun damage (does not fade in color!)


A small “sample roof” right outside the entrance to the Valena airport, the roof was done two years ago so that all the Maldivians will see day after day, year after year, that no maintenance will ever be required and that the colour will never fade. A “50 years” maintenance free roof. Also note no battens are required because the tiles are stapled straight onto the sub roof and no storm wind nets will ever be acquired. Big savings!!!


What a beautiful roof!!! 

Two Years ago, Mr, Vir Chopra, Managing Director of the Reethi Faru Resort, was the first to do the resort roofs with Fiber Palm Thatch.  Mr Chopra and his team made this decision after visiting and inspecting every synthetic thatch manufacturer in the world and only after his project manager Mr. Badeeu visited the fiber factory spending a week to study the process and application method.  


Jumeirah Vittaveli followed……………………………

Holiday Inn

Then Holiday Inn Kandooma followed………………………

Take a Closer Look

Today more than 12 resorts are following their example, all resorts that will not spend a single dollar the next 50 years on roof maintenance.

The Maldivian resorts are viewed by Fiber Roofing not only as partners but also as friends.

We have appointed a Maldivian, Abdulla Nazim, to run our operations in the Maldives. As seen below we are constantly investing in training Maldivians to be able to offer our product to the Maldivian resort market at unbeatable prices.

The roofs of the Maldives, as seen by an architect's eyes

Since 1979 we have built thatch roofs working with different types of natural thatch materials globally, have developed the biggest range of natural thatch tiles in the world, have patented thatch tiles and have developed a unique range of synthetic custom and palm thatch. We have successfully completed more international thatch projects than any other company in the world and supply thatch tiles and material to every reputable thatch company in the world

Resorts We Are In Business With

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