There’s No match for
our thatch!

Below are various photos of Synthetic Thatch manufactured by a variety of manufactures from all over the world as alternative options for natural thatch. Sadly there are literally hundreds of extrusion companies wanting to “make a quick buck”. Resorts, hotels and house owners with natural thatch wanting to get away from the problems associated with natural thatch, will often, without a proper investigation, invest in synthetic thatch, believing that any synthetic thatch will solve their problems. For the sake of saving as little as $2 to $5 per square meter they will gamble and buy this inferior synthetic thatch. Fiber Thatch manufacturer a product with a 20 year warrenty that will assure peace of mind for the resorts, hotels and house owners alike.
All the images below were found after doing a google search for -“Bad Synthetic Thatch.” The photos say it all!!!

Bad Thatch in the Maldives 1

The roof in Hulhumalé are the best sales aid to Fiber Thatch. One look at the Chinese thatched roofs and the Fiber Thatch are sold! Even more sad is the fact that the difference in price is so little.

Bad Thatch in the Maldives 2

Sadly, there are literally hundreds of small extrusion companies in wanting to “make a fast buck”.  The thatch roofs are on at a prestige Maldivian resort. No doubt the resort owners were looking for a life time roofing solution but will not get another 5 years without replacing the thatch .

Bad Thatch in the Maldives 3

Thatch tiles stripped from a roof at a resort in the Maldives that has been on the roof for only 2 years. The colour changed completely, typical of  “cheap” synthetic thatch.

A pity the customer paid good money for this material only suitable for the rubbish heap.

Reethi Faru Roofs

See the perfect colour and texture match between the large Fiber synthetic roof in the background and the natural thatch umbrella roofs in the front”

Reethi Faru Roofs

A roof done for Reethi Faru with a life expectancy of 50 years and a 20 year warranty. Please note that the umbrellas in the forefront is natural Cajun. See how well the fiber thatch roof in the back match the natural material.

The Fregate story

 The resort were done 20 years ago and to date the resort management has not spent a single dollar om maintenance. Also note no colour fading over the years!” 

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